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Festivals In Wayanad

23rd to 28th January
Payyamvalli Vadiyur Devi Temple
23rd to 28th January. At Payyamvalli Vadiyur Devi Temple, Koyileri and idol installation day: elephants parade with percussion music. At Place - Mananthavadi

28th January to 06th
Bathery Mahaganapathy Temple
28th January to 06th February. At Bathery Mahaganapathy Temple and cultural programs, 6 days.At Place - Sulthan Bathery.At Place - Town.

06th to 07th
Veliyambam Kotta Siva Temple
06th to 07th February.At Veliyambam Kotta Siva Temple and thira vellattu.At Place - Town.

07th to 12th February
Kalluvetti Mahasiva Temple
07th to 12th February.At Kalluvetti Mahasiva Temple and thullal, thira (7 days).At Place - Poothadu.

12th February
Ambalavayal Siva Temple
12th February. At Ambalavayal Siva Temple and kathakali, koothu, thullal, other entertainments etc.At Place - Sulthan Bathery.

12th February
Thrikkaipetta Siva Temple
12th February. At Thrikkaipetta Siva Temple, Hanumarambalam and 5 theyyam, percussion etc.At Place - Kalpetta.

12th February
Sree Vaderi Siva Temple
12th February. At Sree Vaderi Siva Temple, Arattuthara and various entertainment programs. At Place - Mananthavadi.

12th February
Malayalathamma Siva Bhadrakali Temple
12th February. At Malayalathamma Siva Bhadrakali Temple -elephants parade with percussion music.At Place - Kalpetta.

12th to 13th February
Nambathara Kowwai Siva Temple
12th to 13th February. At Nambathara Kowwai Siva Temple : elephants parade with percussion music. At Place - Kalpetta.

13th to 16th February
Vattathani Mahavishnu Temple
13th to 16th February. At Vattathani Mahavishnu Temple, Valavayal and thira vellattu (3 days). At Place - Sulthan Bathery.

17th to 18th February
Matsyamoorthy Temple
17th to 18th February. At Matsyamoorthy Temple and idol installation day and thidambu nritham, cultural items etc.At Place - Kalpetta.

18th to 23rd February
alayalathamma Siva Bhadrakali Temple
18th to 23rd February. At Malayalathamma Siva Bhadrakali Temple and thalapoli : elephants’ parade with percussion music.At Place - Kalpetta.

23rd February to 05th March
Mariyamman Temple
23rd February to 05th March. At Mariyamman Temple : elephants’ parade with percussion music, fire-walk etc.At Place - Sulthan Bathery.

05th to 09th Marc
Mariamman Kovil
05th to 09th March . At Mariamman Kovil and kumbabhisheakam, kumbanmudom.At Place - Meppadi.

09th to 28th March
Pazhur Mahavishnu Temple
09th to 28th March. At Pazhur Mahavishnu Temple, Kappuvayal and thira.At Place - Kalpatta.

28th March to 01st April
Valliyurkavu Devi Temple
28th March to 01st April.At Valliyurkavu Devi Temple, Arattuthara and kalampattu, pulikkali, mayilattom, kavidi,dharika vadom etc.At Place - Pulpalli.

01st to 08th April
Mariyamman Devi Temple
01st to 08th April.At Mariyamman Devi Temple and karakattom, kavidi, ammankudam, fire works and thalapoli.At Place - Kalpatta.

08th to 11th April
Pyngattiri Sree Rajarajeswari Temple
08th to 11th April. At Pyngattiri Sree Rajarajeswari Temple and koothu, thullal, fire works.At Place - Panamarom.

11th to 14th April
Sree Mariyamman Temple
11th to 14th April. At Sree Mariyamman Temple and elephants parade with percussion music, kanalattom, paniyarkali, folk arts.At Place - Kalpatta.

14th to 22nd April
Sree Kunnome Bhagawathykavu Siva Temple
14th to 22nd April. At Sree Kunnome Bhagawathykavu Siva Temple : elephants parade with percussion music, art forms( 7 days).At Place - Niravilpuzha.

22nd to 28th April
Poomangalam Someswari Temple
22nd to 28th April. At Poomangalam Someswari Temple and thirunrittam, theyyam, kathakali, thullal (2 days).At Place - Panniyur.

28th April to 01st September
Muttil Mahavishnu Temple
28th April to 01st September.At Muttil Mahavishnu Temple and kalampattu, coconut breaking ritual (7 days).At Place - Kalpatta.

01st to 11th September
Mahavishnu Temple
01st to 11th September.At Mahavishnu Temple and janmashtamai and kathakali, koothu, thullal.At Place - Thirunelli.

11th September to 08th October
Mahaganapathy Temple
11th September to 08th October.At Mahaganapathy Temple and vinayaka chathurthi : elephants parade with percussion music.At Place - Sulthan Bathery.

08th October to 21st November
Mahaganapathy Temple
08th October to 21st November. At Mahaganapathy Temple - navarathri sangeetolsavam.At Place - Sulthan Bathery.

21st November
Dhanuvannur Laxmi Narasimha Temple
21st November.At Dhanuvannur Laxmi Narasimha Temple and mudiyettu (3 days).At Place - Kalpatta.

Wayanad Tour Packages

Adventute Package

Travelling in Wayanad is the ultimate adventure - an absolute heaven for adventure lovers. It is a trekker's paradise with rocks, meadows, forests, hills and backwaters kissing the horizon stands at the western ghats. We, WalkWayanad, leads you to the most unique adventurous experience by the unexplored mystery of wayanad yet to be explored.

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Family Package

Wayanad has been emerged as a perfect destination for a perfect vacation with great tourism potential and excellent accommodation facilities. Every year a large gathering of tourists and vacationers from all over the world visit Wayanad to relish tourism and enjoy mesmerizing vacation with their loved one. Walkwayanad provides a magical and fascinating holidays with your loved ones.

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Honeymoon Package

If you are confused planning one of your most romantic holidays of lifetime, we have something for you to make your dream holidays truly romantic, memorable and the most cherished moments of your life. Our Honeymoon tour packages offer you to enjoy honeymoon tours with your soulmate in some of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in Wayanad.

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Students Package

Wayanad, the district lies in the Southern most tip of Deccan Plateau, the place located 700-2100 meters above the sea level, is immensely blessed by the overwhelming scenic beauty of hills, valleys, forests, waterfalls, lakes and unique plantations and is an ideal place for site seeing and great adventures.

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