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Wayanad Tourist Places

Banasurasagar Dam

This is the largest earth dam in India. The topography here is such that many islands will be formed in the upstream of the dam when the dam is full. These islands with the background of the Banasura hill will provide a hypnotising sight to tourists. Tourists can enjoying boating here and travel among the Islands.


Pazhassiraja of kottayam royal family was one of the earliest to revot against the british. Taking refuge in the wayanad hills, he resorted to guerrilla war fare against the superior british force. This fighter known as lion of Kerala, was defeated in a ferocious encounter in 1805 and the tomb marks the place where he has cremated, situated at the heart of mananthavady.

Chembra peak

It is a trekker’s paradise with rocks, meadows, forests and hills kissing the horizon stands at the west of Kalpetta. Start to climb early morning and comeback by evening with a refreshed mind. On the top, there is a lake with crystal clear water. Enjoy the breath taking scenic beauty of Wayanad from the top of Chembra, which is very exhilerating.


Pakshipathalam in the Brahmagiri hills at Thirunelli, is a challenging tourist spot for any adventure seeking tourist. To reach Pakshipathalam seventeen kilometres have to be covered through wild forest. The deep rock caves, formed among the thick blocks of rocks at the northern top end of the Brahmagiri, are the abode of various birds and wild beasts. Special permission has to be obtained from Forest Department to go to Pakshipathalam.

Meenmutty falls

Meenmutty falls-An interesting 2 km jungle trek off the main Ooty road, Meenmutty is the largest and most spectacular waterfall in Wayanad. A unique feature is that water drops about 300 metres over three stages.

Pookode Lake

It is a natural fresh water lake, brimmed with ever green mountains. The weather here is salacious; the scenic beauty, hypnotising and the nature, unspoiled. Pookot lake tourist resort in Vythiri is the most sought after tourist spot of Wayanad. There is an aquarium, a children’s park and a green house here. Boating facilities and cycling along the lake side are also available. Spices and handicraft items are also arranged for sale at Pookot.

Kanthan Para Water Fall

Tourists can enjoy the mind blowing view in the back deep of mountains and forest. Kanthanpara and its surroundings are nonetheless very pleasant. An easy hike away from the main road, it is perfect for picnic. This place is 4kms away from Meenmutty.

Kuruva Dweep

The kuruva Island is the fertile land of rich greenary between the two tributeries of kabani river. Its 950 acres of area is home to various species of rare birds, orchids, butterflies and herbs. Facilities for cycling to reach the place is available. But if you prefer to be a pedastrian in reaching the place walk through the forest. Kabani river flowing aside can refresh you well. This place is a great attraction for movie makers also. The explored wonders of Kuruva Island takes you to the unexplored mysteries of the green paradise, kuruva island.

Lakkidi Ghat Road Viewpoint

It is the Gate Way of Wayanad above the Thamarassery Ghat Pass of western ghat, at an elevation of 700m above mean sea level. Deep valley to the south with winding roads through thick forest attract many. There are nine hairpin curves within a distance of 16 Kms. From here, you get a great view of steep, misty mountains and a glimpse of distant horizon in the Arabian Sea.

Thirunelly Temple

A vishnu temple has been built in the 12th century with perfect architectural propotions. Ii's a pride and mind soothing architectural piece for devotees in the brahmagiri valley. Myth says, the cretor Brahma dedicated this temple to lord vishnu. There is a belief that the ritual dip in papanasini washes all your sins.

Valliyoorkav Temple

This Temple is dedicated to Mother Goddess and is worshipped in three principal forms of Vana Durga, Bhadrakali and Jala Durga It is the most important place of worship for the tribal communities. It is 3 kms east of Mananthavady and every year a 15 days festival is held during March/April season.

Pallikunnu Church

Pallikunnu church is well known pilgrim centre of wayanad. This Church was constructed in 1905 by one of the french missionaries Fr.Jeffree in the name of Lourde Matha (mother Mary). Different from other churches, it has several rituals and practices similar to hindu temples. The annual celebration held here attracts a big mass and a holy feast will be provided for all devotees.

Edakkal Caves

The pre-historic heritage of Wayanad, near Ambalavayal, is best depicted in Edakkal caves. The cave was formed in the crevice of a broken rock and another massive rock. The carvings on its walls throws light on the cultural practices of the neolithic age. Archeological excavations in this place can expose the still unexposed history of wayanad.

Jain Temples

Generally known as Tippu's Fort, this temple is situated in town which got its name from the historic fact that Tippu used this temple as his Battery (ammunition store) in the region. Hence the name " been built in the 13th century, it served as a Hindu shrine, an important centre for commercial activity and eventually as a Battery. Apart from Sulthan Bathery temple, there are other significant Jain remnants in Wayanad. The temples at Punchavayal and Puthanangadi are the best known of these. With their beautifully carved pillars now partly ruined, and the area rather derelict, these sites exude a particular air of mystery.

The Glass Temple

This temple located at Koottamunda is dedicated to Parswanatha Swami, the Third Thirthankara of the Jain faith. It is an exquisitely beautiful family temple. The icons of Paraswanatha Swami and Padmavathi Devi set in the sanctum of this temple are reflected in a thousand beautiful patterns on the mirrors placed on the inner side of the temple walls.

Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary

Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary is connected to Muthanga and to the Nagarhole National Park in Karnataka, and is an integral part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. Flanked by towering mountain ranges on all four sides, Tholpetty covers an area of 345 SqKm. The sanctuary's deciduous forest cover, rich in bio-diversity, is home to 900-odd wild elephants, apart from numerous other species of animals. Several species of animals like elephant , bison, spotted deer, tiger, leopard, bear and wild boar are found in this sanctuary , which is just 100 kms from Vythiri.

Wayanad Heritage Museum

This Museum is home to an interesting collection of artifacts that shed light on the history, culture and heritage of Wayanad region. This is one of the best-maintained museums of Kerala's Malabar region. The museum has a fine collection of 14th - 16th century sculptures, tribal artefacts, which include jewellery, hunting and fishing weapons, farming implements etc.. Ancient terra cottas, stone weapons, and local art are also on display at the museum. There are various exhibits on display here, amongst which are sculptures and the figure of Nandi and other dieties, which were collected from parts of the region that date back to the 14th to the 16th centuries AD. A series of pictorial rock edicts referred to as Hero Stones, memoralise a bygone age of valiant warriors.There is a fine figure of the Goddess of fertility, Urvara, also displayed here. Remnants of Stone age tools and pottery found within the Muniyaras are displayed here.

korome mosque

Korome Mosque is situated in Wayanad District of Kerala. It is built in traditional Kerala style of architecture and the extensive wood carvings is the noteworthy aspect. People belonging to all religions gather here during festivals.

Adyanpara waterfalls

Located in the Kurumbalangode village of Nilambur taluk, Adyanpara is famous for its waterfalls and the splendour of its lush surrounding jungles.

Soojipara water falls

:The place Soochippara is blessed with tea plantations that gives a green velvetty skin to thehill slops. The view of water flowing, in a narrow stream between rocks is panoramic. The pool below, provides for water rafting, swimming, bathing,etc. The tree top huts at Soochippara give an unique view of the valleys of the Western Ghats and the glimmering shallow waters of the surrounding springs.


Adjoining the Wayanad ranges, is one of the most beautiful hill stations in Kerala. Vellari - with its unique geographical position, gorgeous waterfalls, thick forests shrouded in mist and unique flora - is fast becoming a popular trekking destination.

Begur Wildlife Sanctuary

Located 20 km to the east of Mananthavady in Wayanad, the Begur Wildlife Sanctuary is home to several species of animals including elephants, deer, tigers, boars, leopards, etc. One can also find a variety of birds in this sanctuary. The dense forest cover has a wealth of herbs with high medicinal value. The best time to visit the Begur wildlife sanctuary is from December to May, when scarcity of water in the Bandhipur, Nagarhole and Mudamalai sanctuaries forces animals to migrate to Begur.

Sunrise valley

Sunrise Valley provides some excellent trekking opportunities in Wayanad. As the name suggests you can watch sunrise and sunset in the background of mountains. The place beside the Chaliyar river is famous for its 'smiling sunrise' and 'weeping sunset'. The added background of mountains can add contrast to the scenes.

Neelimala view point

Nellimale is an excellent venue for trekking with lots of stimulating trails. The summit of this hill affords a great view of the cascading Meenmutty falls and the beautiful valley in it’s foreground.


Muniyaras Wayanad is a calm and serene cave located near Sulthan Bathery. Muniyara is situated at one kilometer distance from Marayoor, an ancient place in Wayanad. Muniyara Wayanad is an excellent trekking spot for tourists. The structure of this cave is very interesting. These caves are made of huge rocky slabs. The view inside the cave is very exciting.

Seetha Lava Kusha Temple

This is the only temple dedicated to Lava and Kusha, the sons of Lord Rama. Local legends connect this region with many important episodes from the Ramayana. As the favoured shrine of the Pazhassi Raja, this temple has traditionally permitted entry to devotees from all faiths. The important episodes from the epic Ramayana are intermingled with the local legends associate with the temple.

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary

Muthanga is a rain forest reserve which is connected to two other major sanctuaries- Bandhipur, the National Park of Karnataka and Madhu-mala, the wildlife sanctuary in Tamilnadu. Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary claims the largest number of elephants in Asia. The reserve serves as a home to many herbs, medicinal plants and species such as leopards, Sambar, cheetal, Langur, Python and King Cobra and rare varieties of birds, butterflies and insects.

Chethalayam water falls

Chethalayam has so many attractions such as a small water fall, dence forest, wild animals, variety of birds and butterflies etc. It is one of Wayanad's smaller waterfalls. It's surroundings offer a number of vantage points for bird-watching. It is also popular with trekking enthusiasts. One has to trek for about 4 km across hills to reach the scenic picnic spot.

Thrisilerry shiva temple

Thrissilery Shiva Temple Wayanad is one of the famous shrines in Kerala. This temple is built in an excellent manner and involves fabulous architecture. Lord Shiva is a Hindu deity worshipped very ardently by Indians and Hindus around the world. Thrissilery Shiva Temple is situated at Thrissilery which is place neighboring to Sulthan Bathery.

Karappuzha dam

It is the biggest Earth Dams in Asia. The Karapuzha Dam's reservoir with partially submerged hills and lush green islands is an ideal breeding ground for aquatic birds. The backdrop of the gushing water from the dam against the verdant mountains makes for a picturesque spot.

Karalad Lake

This beautiful lake lies in the midest of plantations, near the Banasura Dam. Therefore it provides dual enjoyment to tourists. The place is growing as a tourist centre.


If you are an adventurous tourist, this is your place. One can walk 2km from Padivayal through Meppadi-Vaduvanchal road to reach the place. Tourists can enjoy the enchanting view of Wayanad-Nilambur forests.


Palchuram waterfalls is situated at the northern most boundary of Wayanad. It is 1km away from asramkavala a place on Boys town ghat road. From Asramkavala you can have a beautiful view of Kannur plains. Trips to the place is not advisable during rainy seasons due to muddy & slippery clay roads and leaches.

Phantom Rock

The human shaped rock, called Phantom Rock is a magnum opus of the Mother Nature. This rare work of art from nature is at Cheengery near Ambalavayal.


Kolagappara is an elephant shaped rock that dominates the whole of Wayanad landscape. This monolithic rock of about four hundred feet height has a flat place where, about five hundred people can stand at the same time. The sides of the rock resemble an elephant's back can be treacherous. The another facinating view from the top of this rock is the glimmering water level of the Karappuzha dam.

Banasura Hills

Are you an adventurous tourist who enjoy trekking? If yes, then you are at the right place. You can trek to Banasura Hills to almost about 2020 meters height. You are advised to take precautions against the strong wind and to wear trekking shoes compulsorly because the place has plenty of leaches during rainy seasons.

Chain Tree

Chain tree is a fascinating tourist spot. This large Ficus tree, bound by a prominent chain is an interesting excursion, approximately 15 kms. from Kalpetta. It is said that a British Engineer, with the aid of a tribal guide named Karinthandan, found the difficult mountain terrain into Wayanad. Eager to take the credit for the discovery, the Engineer conveniently killed his guide, whose soul, according to the legend, constantly haunted subsequent travelers. It is believed that a priest chained the troublesome spirit onto this tree and hence name the Chain tree.

Boys Town

Boys Town Wayanad is one of the famous tourist spots in Kerala. Boys Town is located at fifteen kilometers north of Mananthavady. Boys Town Wayanad has an excellent herbal garden. Here there are special and rare kinds of herbs. These herbs are used for medicinal purposes. The rare herbs found here are also used for ayurvedic cure and massage oil ingredients. There is also a nature care centre in this place. In this nature care centre there are specialties who have studied herbal medicine.

Regional Agricultural Research Station (RARS)

The Regional Agricultural Research Station located in Ambalavayal town is part of the Kerala Agricultural University. This station conducts research on spices, tropical and sub tropical fruits, vegetables and hill paddy. RARS also have a nursery with a large collection of rare roses and ornamental plants. Visitors can purchase seeds and saplings at the sales counter.


URAVU is a non-profit trust established in 1996, registered under the Indian Trust Act. It is a non-government organization working with people, governments and businesses to implement programs for employment and income generation in rural areas. Uravu works mainly with bamboo, the “Green Gold,” the “resource of the 21st Century,” and implements end-to-end programs in the bamboo sector. it implements integrated, end-to-end programs in the bamboo sector, which includes providing skill training in bamboo processing, establishing micro enterprises, marketing, cultivation of bamboo and promotion of eco-tourism.

Wayanad Tour Packages

Adventute Package

Travelling in Wayanad is the ultimate adventure - an absolute heaven for adventure lovers. It is a trekker's paradise with rocks, meadows, forests, hills and backwaters kissing the horizon stands at the western ghats. We, WalkWayanad, leads you to the most unique adventurous experience by the unexplored mystery of wayanad yet to be explored.

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Family Package

Wayanad has been emerged as a perfect destination for a perfect vacation with great tourism potential and excellent accommodation facilities. Every year a large gathering of tourists and vacationers from all over the world visit Wayanad to relish tourism and enjoy mesmerizing vacation with their loved one. Walkwayanad provides a magical and fascinating holidays with your loved ones.

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Honeymoon Package

If you are confused planning one of your most romantic holidays of lifetime, we have something for you to make your dream holidays truly romantic, memorable and the most cherished moments of your life. Our Honeymoon tour packages offer you to enjoy honeymoon tours with your soulmate in some of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in Wayanad.

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Students Package

Wayanad, the district lies in the Southern most tip of Deccan Plateau, the place located 700-2100 meters above the sea level, is immensely blessed by the overwhelming scenic beauty of hills, valleys, forests, waterfalls, lakes and unique plantations and is an ideal place for site seeing and great adventures.

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